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Spring 2021 Spirit Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

By now, you may have heard the exciting news.

Effective May 9th, we’ve increased our base wage for OPWDD care professionals to $15 per hour. Staff working in residential settings will now be paid starting at $15.75 per hour. That increases to $16.25 an hour for weekends and $16.50 for overnights, with an extra $1 per hour at certain locations, plus overtime opportunities.

We have long believed that care professionals deserve more. Heritage Christian Services is the seventh-largest employer in the Rochester region, and we’ve had a five-year plan to achieve a wage of $15 per hour by this year.

We are taking a stand – to make this change NOW, to stabilize our workforce AND to take a step forward in neutralizing poverty in our community. In New York, 45% of care workers live in or near poverty, and 51% need public assistance. Since most caring professionals are women – as 80% of direct support professionals at Heritage Christian are – this wage increase begins to help move women out of poverty and decrease the pay disparity between men and women.

We are excited about this long-overdue opportunity to honor our employees, and we know it’s an action that will radiate out to the people who choose our services and the communities where we live and serve.

Stay faithful and stay well.


Marisa Geitner, President & C.E.O.

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Heritage Christian Services has raised its base wage for care professionals within its OPWDD-funded programs to $15 an hour, effective May 9.

Marisa Geitner, president and C.E.O., said, “People who choose a career that directly supports the health and well-being of others should not have to sacrifice their own well-being to do so. They deserve to earn a wage that allows them self-sufficiency.”

OPWDD care professionals’ base wage has increased to $15.75 an hour in our certified residential and respite programs and $15 in our day programs. Existing care professionals’ wages will also be adjusted to account for their experience. Other positions within the organization will be eligible for a performance adjustment of up to 3%.

“This is a major step forward, but it is not the destination,” Geitner said. “We must work to continue the wage advancement of caring professions until we achieve a wage commensurate with their skills and dedication.”

Click here to hear from Marisa Geitner, Heritage Christian Services president & C.E.O. about the raise in base wages. 


Have you made a planned gift to Heritage Christian Services? Or named a loved one as a beneficiary of an insurance plan or a retirement account for an HCS Special Needs Trust? The U.S. Postal Service forwards mail for a limited time after a move, so anything sent to our previous address in East Rochester may be returned to sender. If it’s been a while since you opted to include us in your will, please check to make sure it includes our current address: 275 Kenneth Dr., Suite 100, Rochester, NY 14623. Thank you!

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Platform streamlines hiring process, with an eye toward diversity and equity

In January 2021, we began using a new video interviewing technology that helps us bring more people onto our staff with greater efficiency. In addition, this process helps to eliminate bias in hiring practices by ensuring a consistent video interviewing experience and assessment for each candidate.

Covid-19 changed the way a lot of agencies provide their services. We wanted to find a new way to make the hiring process convenient for job seekers. The platform HireVue lets applicants record and submit a job interview at a time that’s convenient for them, day or night.

“This video interviewing technology allows recruiters to spend more time reaching out to prospective job candidates instead of booking job interviews,” said Ann Meyer, director of workforce and talent development at Heritage Christian Services. “In our continued push for diversity, equity and inclusion, we have adjusted our workplace policies and looked closely at hiring practices. On-demand video interviews not only save time and labor, but it helps to mitigate unintentional subjectivity in the selection process.”

It’s important to be able to offer job seekers the opportunity to apply for jobs in a safe and inclusive environment. A newly hired staff member had this to say about their experience with the interview process: “I really liked the process. I filled out four applications for different agencies and it was only through the application process at Heritage Christian Services that I was able to apply for a job and get an offer of employment before I even finished interviewing at other companies.”

By implementing this technology, we have streamlined the interview process and can welcome new employees faster. If candidates don’t have access to technology, they’re able to schedule a time to come to our offices and complete the online interview there.

We’re excited about what this new interviewing technology means for our workforce. Visit Jobs. HeritageChristianServices.org/ Hiring-Process for more information.

Hear more from Ann Meyer about the new video interviews. 

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Marie Pieters fulfilled a beautiful life guided by God until she died on April 11 at age 80.

She is perhaps best known for working with her husband, Bob, and other families to found the nonprofit agency that would become Heritage Christian Services.

Now 37 years later, the organization touches the lives of thousands of people. When asked how they met the challenges of forming the agency, Marie always gave glory to God and shared how He blessed them. Having two of her own children with developmental disabilities, other parents would seek her guidance. They knew her unique perspective at Heritage Christian Services and from working at Mary Cariola Center.

Loved ones describe Marie as faith-filled, loving, sweet, supportive, devoted and generous.

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We’re excited to announce that the recently completed homes on Jackson Road and Dodge Road are ready this season. The new homes in Penfield and Amherst are set to open this summer.

The people who will be moving in are excited for this opportunity and the chance to be in their new home. Sarah Bojanowski will move into Dodge Road, and her family could not be happier for her.

“We look forward to Sarah establishing herself in her new home,” said Nancy Bojanowski, Sarah’s mother. “This will take time, but it is an important milestone for all of us. It gives her entire family a sense of joy and peace that she will have a place of her own to flourish and thrive.”

Chuck Collard, vice president of West­ern New York operations, is among those who’ve been eagerly anticipating the opening of Dodge Road. “It’s an exciting opportunity,” Collard said, “not only for the five families of the six women who’ll be moving in, as they take that next level of independence, but also for all the collaborative partners we’ve worked with, including Asbury United Method­ist Church and Bliss Construction.”

He explained that two of those who will soon call this place home are sisters. “All these families know each other,” Collard said, “and we’ve had the opportunity to support them in our day habilitation programs for the last several years, so we already have those existing relationships. This addresses an unmet need for these families.”

Nancy added, “It has been a pleasure getting to know the other families and realize that we have a shared mission of love, respect and care for our daugh­ters. Heritage Christian Services has been such a blessing in their commit­ment and efforts to bring this home to fruition. Our appreciation goes beyond words.”

Watch this 60 second video and hear from Julie Folkins, residence manager and Dennis Fantauzzo, parent about the opening of Jackson Road.

Renovations improve access, quality of life

The average age of the nearly 400 people who choose the services of our certified residential program is increasing. More than 60% of those people are 50 or older; more than half are living with medical complexities. Medical advances – along with our work offering people supportive environments and meaningful life experiences – have extended life expectancies. As that group of people gets older and their needs change, we need to ensure that they have the most accessible homes to allow for aging in place.

We are focused on providing people the opportunity to stay in their homes while facing chronic health issues or choosing to receive end-of-life care in their homes. We want to maintain their quality of life and establish better opportunities for our staff to provide support.

Heritage Christian Services has identified homes in need of renovations to allow those who live there to have the most supportive home environment possible. Several homes will see updates over the next few years, allowing greater access and independence.

The most recently renovated was the home on Keller Road in Buffalo. It was converted to meet new Life Safety Code requirements, with built-in safety features including sprinkler systems and fire-rated doors, as well as remodeled bathrooms. Plans are underway for a home in Buffalo on Hoover Road to be renovated to make it more accessible. It’s an older home, so hallways will be widened, floors will be leveled and bathrooms will be updated. The house will be expanded to add two bedrooms, which will create opportunities for additional people to live there. Fire safety features will also be added to allow the individuals more time to exit the home in the event of a fire, a necessary change as these ladies age.

With these accessibility modifications, Heritage Christian will maintain its commitment to a person’s choice, so that as people face deteriorating health and the natural aging process, we have more options for them to remain in their home. We look forward to sharing more news around this effort to ensure that the heart of our mission continues.

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The Employment Alliance has worked for years to prepare young adults post-graduation for the workforce through the Employment Transition Program. Now, they’re expanding their reach into local schools through Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS). These services are designed to address students’ career development needs and prepare them for employment.

“It’s been shown that the earlier you start providing vocational support to a person, the more successful their experience in the workforce,” said Nate Morgante, associate director of the Employment Alliance. Working with a job coach who comes into the classroom, students in Pre-ETS explore their post-secondary education options and develop their employment-related soft skills.

“It sets a positive tone, when the employee can think about what their goals are and what’s needed to be successful in that area,” Morgante said. “If a student is eligible for any special education services in school, we can work with them. We’re also able to work with younger students in grades eight through ten and students in alternative settings like juvenile justice, homeschool or foster care and set them up for success.”

If you’re interested in learning more, send an email to info@HeritageChristianServices.org or ask your child’s school district.


Three area employers have demonstrated a commitment to build a more inclusive workforce. Barkman Honey in Victor, Tree Town Café in Penfield and the Monroe County Clerk’s Office in Rochester each committed to working with our Employment Specialists to put the right supports in place and ensure each employee’s long-term success.

Their partnership has been invaluable as the Employment Alliance continues to support students and adults with disabilities in achieving their employment goals. For more, visit HCSEmploymentAlliance.org.

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Women make up such a significant percentage of caring professions. At Heritage Christian Services, 80% of our workforce identify as women, with 27% of those women representing women of color. Despite their strong participation in our workforce, women of color are underrepresented in leadership roles. The Women of Color Summit and the monthly ColoRISE series are aimed at promoting the advancement and career growth of women of color. These opportunities welcome not only women of color but are very helpful for allies and sponsors as well.

This year’s Women of Color Summit educational series, slated for four Thursdays in June, is an opportunity to engage with a national audience in discussions designed to address systemic barriers, inequities and disparities for women of color. This year’s theme, “Healing, Restoration and Resilience,” reflects the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and how it exposed longstanding inequities of race, ethnicity and income. These damaging consequences require a renewed level of healing. Hearing from diverse voices about critical components of navigating these crises will help us move toward a healthy future for all.

“I really do believe that now is the time to step up and not be afraid of what is going on in the world, our country, communities and our own homes.” – Alana Martin, first-time Summit attendee

This will be Alana Martin’s first year attending the summit. As the manager of one of Heritage Christian’s day habilitation programs, Alana says she’s looking forward to learning more about ways to factor healing, restoration and resilience into her work, as well as networking with women who have similar concerns.

For more information and to register, visit Eleversity.org/Summit.

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Since 2017, members of Faith Fellowship Church in Clarence have support­ed two neighborhood homes on Ransom Road in Lancaster. People from Heritage Christian Services were received with open arms. For years, staff and the people who live at the homes on Ransom Road have attended services, sang and welcomed church members to their homes and have been active participants at church Christmas parties.

The congregation’s financial generosity has made it possible for these homes to create sensory rooms. A sensory room is designed to let people relax when they’re feeling overwhelmed or to let them work through their emotions and reactions to certain stimuli. Robin Hoos, an occupational therapist at Heritage Christian Services, has been evaluating the needs of the people living in these homes. Since each person has unique needs, she’s recommending specific items for each of the people living in the homes. Of the Faith Fellowship Church congregation, Hoos says, “They’re just phenomenal.”

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Our volunteers contribute in many ways to benefit the people who choose the supports of Heritage Christian Services, but the effects of volunteerism often create ripples that extend beyond our immediate communities.

John Osberg has been a dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer since 2018. He recently shared that volunteering has had a positive impact on him because it has given him the opportunity to meet new people and invest in his community: “We are all in this together. I firmly believe that the strength of each of us on an individual level is a direct reflection of the strength of our community. By strengthening the community, we in turn strengthen ourselves.”

Under John’s leadership as chairperson, the 2019 Heritage Christian Services Spaghetti Dinner and Basket Raffle raised a record-breaking amount for the Foundation. His community connections have helped open doors for Heritage Christian Services in the Buffalo Niagara region.

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Dr. Tiffany Pulcino is the founder of the Complex Care Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center, where patients who have been coping with serious health problems since childhood have a health resource designed just for them.

Recently, Dr. Pulcino built on that vision when she created mobile vaccination clinics to take the Covid-19 vaccine to people for whom traveling to a typical vaccine clinic would be an undue burden. As of mid-March 2021, more than 2,200 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have been vaccinated at more than 75 neighborhood homes in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Dr. Pulcino herself vaccinates people about once a week. “Those are my favorite days,” she said recently.

“I cannot tell you the emotional relief it brings, to watch somebody who has been sequestered in their home, for their own safety, wheel up in a power chair with their support staff – who have been at their side throughout this pandemic – to have them roll up their sleeve, give them their vaccine and hear them say, ‘Hurray!’ To say, ‘I’m finally going to get out again, I’m going to see my friends, I’m going to be able to do the things that I enjoy.’ ”

“And to watch their staff, who have throughout this pandemic watched other people go to the hospital and pass away from Covid-19, tear up and be so joyful that they’re able to protect the people that they’re supporting all day long – it’s hard to even put into words.”

We are grateful to Dr. Pulcino and her team for the work they do.

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Heritage Christian Services agency Board member BARB DELONG has been chosen as an honoree for the second annual IDEA (Inclusion Diversity Equity Access) Awards presented by Buffalo Business First.

Barb has been advocating for all people with developmental disabilities for the past 26 years. She has been co-chair of the Developmental Disabilities Alliance of Western New York (DDAWNY) Family Committee for more than eight years and she served as chairperson of the Heritage Christian Services Board of Directors in 2019 and 2020.

Her work to cultivate and expand a culture of inclusion has enriched the lives of thousands of people across the state of New York. By learning and building understanding among people in our community, she inspires others to welcome all people into life-changing relationships that foster love and tolerance. Barb was honored at a virtual ceremony on March 4. Congratulations, Barb!


LAUREN FAGGIANO received the President’s Award from the American Music Therapy Association’s Mid-Atlantic Region in a virtual ceremony on April 11. Lauren has worked as a music therapist at Heritage Christian Services since 2004. The award recognizes music therapists who have served the field and the region with unyielding efforts and perseverance and who have made a difference in the lives of many.


President and C.E.O. MARISA GEITNER, was recently named to the Rochester Business Journal’s first Power 100 list. The recognition highlights the people and organizations that play a vital role in the business health of our community. In addition, they have played a significant role in navigating the Covid-19 pandemic and planning for our community recovery. Geitner has also been named to the RBJ’s 2021 Circle of Excellence, which recognizes women of longstanding, notable success in the community who are leading the way for other women.


SARA TAYLOR, training specialist for Eleversity and president and C.E.O. of Positive Steps Consulting, has been involved with a number of diversity and racial equity conferences over the last few months and was the keynote speaker at the Rochester Business Journal’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit on March 25. At the RBJ event, Sara’s presentation focused on the 4 A’s: Action, Authenticity, Accountability and Acknowledgement. She motivated attendees to take the first steps in creating DEI business strategies and making equitable action a priority to improve business.

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MARY RICHARDSON is the chief scientific officer at iuvo BioScience, leading the research and development team at the company she co-founded. Her background includes in-depth research and development covering the preclinical product life cycle. She is the chairperson of the Starbridge board and has served on the Advocacy Center board and as the chairperson for the iuvo BioScience United Way Campaign.

PATRICIA LARRABEE is an adult nurse practitioner and a member of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. She is a past partner with and board chair of the Alliance for Multi-Specialty Research. Larrabee has been a member of the board at Mercy Outreach Center and was board chair and board member at Mary Cariola Center from 2009 to 2021.

JOSEPH R. WILSON is the senior vice president and financial advisor at UBS Financial Services. His knowledge of the markets and ability to navigate them has instilled in his clients a strong sense of confidence and trust. Wilson has been active in the community and has served on the University of Rochester Medical Center board of directors for almost 20 years.

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Each year, with our supporters’ generous contributions, the Heritage Christian Services Foundation grants up to 5% of the Foundation’s unrestricted net assets to Heritage Christian Services. This year, the HCS Foundation Board of Directors approved a grant of nearly $600,000 to support the agency’s initiatives.

A portion of this grant will help Heritage Christian support compensation for direct support staff, making it possible to reward and retain those employees who make a difference in people’s lives every day.

Additionally, the grant will be directed to upgrading and modernizing Heritage Christian neighborhood homes to ensure that people who live there have the opportunity to age in place, maintain their quality of life and receive end-of-life care.

Finally, the grant will help fund a new position to support our workforce and advance our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Heritage Christian is intentional in strategies that work toward building an environment that’s welcoming to all. We hope to continue to inspire our employees to reflect and uphold the values of cultural humility, diversity, equity and inclusion.


In light of the pandemic, Heritage Christian Services and its supporters can connect in a new way this year. The annual in-person events – like the Finger Lakes Extravaganza, Spaghetti Dinner & Basket Raffle, Boots & Barrels and Heritage Hero Run + Stroll + Roll – will be rolled into a single virtual event. With our partners at 13WHAM-TV in Rochester, we’ll be hosting a 30-minute on-air fundraiser. Mark your calendar and tune in to this unique opportunity to celebrate and support Heritage Christian on Sept. 16. More information to come!

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Thanks to the generosity of our partners and donors, people touched by HCS have the opportunity to learn and grow and to be respected for their individual gifts and strengths. Thank you for making a difference.

Heritage Christian Services is grateful for the continued support of the Hoselton Foundation, Hoselton Auto Mall and Toyota USA. Last year, they made contributions toward our Covid-19 response, as well as to the Heritage Christian Golf Classic and Heritage Hero events.

Heritage Christian Services is proud to be the recipient of a grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation to help support the wellbeing of New Yorkers. With our grant, we will renovate housing so people can age in place with dignity. Together, we can help make a difference in our community.

The Davenport-Hatch Foundation’s gift will help to upgrade and modernize the home at 1305 State Road in Webster, allowing individuals an accessible home to age in place.

The Jordan Fund provided grant support for Heritage Christian Stables to offer scholarships for therapeutic horseback riding lessons to children with disabilities.

A grant award made possible by the Gonsenhauser Family Fund at Rochester Area Community Foundation will provide crucial resources to support animal-related care expenses for Springdale Farm.

The B. Thomas Golisano Foundation has awarded Heritage Christian Services a grant to support our respite program. Through the Foundation’s generosity, this essential program will continue to provide services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout the pandemic.

The Ralph and Wilma Maibaum Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee grant award will help to provide scholarships for riders with a financial need who otherwise would not be able to afford lessons at Heritage Christian Stables.

Through their 2021 COVID-19 Response Grant, the Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation awarded funding to help our daytime respite program, Club Adventure, make environmental adjustments to implement in-person services while maintaining the health and safety of those who have been affected by isolation during the pandemic.

Wendy Soucy of Triple Crown Nutrition recommended a grant for the benefit of Heritage Christian Stables’ therapeutic riding program.

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Mary Ann Miller, whose life was marked with kindness, passed into heaven peacefully in November at the age of 73.

Dan Matthaidess dedicated a total of 25 years to our Agency and Foundation Boards. He passed away unexpectedly in December at the age of 79.

Darin Fillmore, remembered as a gentle and quiet man who loved music and people, passed away in January at the age of 51.

Throughout her 52 years on this earth, JoAnn M. Caligiuri lived a life filled with joy and love. She passed away in March.

Irena Fortunato had a beautiful, loving heart that was filled with appreciation for the people in her life. She passed away in March at the age of 67.

As one of the founders of Heritage Christian Services, Marie Pieters was known for her parent advocacy and her faithful servant’s heart. Marie passed away in April at the age of 80.

Tom Carrier, a proud Eagle Scout and a Special Olympics swimmer and bowler, was 49 when he passed away in April.

Damon Pickering, a man who had mastered the art of pranks, passed away in April. He was 45. He left a mark on those who knew him, reaching them deeply with his expressive eyes and captivating smile.

Victoria (Vicki) Hanson, a woman who freely shared her care and love for others, passed away in April. Vicki was 64 and gained resiliency through her ability to care for those around her.

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Often people will make a donation in memory of a loved one who has passed away. The agency sends the bereaved family a note of sympathy and informs them of the gift, without disclosing the amount. People also mark joyous occasions – like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings – by donating in honor of a friend or family member.

Sue Hoh, donor relations manager, can help you through the process. Call her at (585) 340-2045.

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Natalie and Ed Doran

David D’Ambrosio

Bryan Dennstedt

James Doran

Marilyn Dragani and Family

Marisa Geitner

Julianne Gitsis

Alice Gucker

Molly Hedges

William Hicks

Barbara Kelly

Danielle Kline

Laurie Kyhos

Michelle Labossiere-Hall and Scott Hall

Jean Lockamyeir

Joan and Jim Parker

Carol, Joe and Mike Peworchik

Jeanne and Joe Proctor

Carol and Ed Seitz and Janine Seitz

Thomas Smithgall

The DDAWNY Family Committee in the Rochester Finger Lakes Area

Deborah Trageser

Nancy and Mark Zawacki

In Memory of Helen VanVliet

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Marisa Geitner

In Memory of Florence Wawrzyniak

Emily and Fred Clark

Annette and Richard Dellario

Elaine and John J. Fitzgerald

Dennis Gent

Connie and Chuck Guy

Emily Patall

Vivienne Ruggieri

Joan Stratton

Upsilon Master Sorority

Jackie, Betsy and Don Wawrzyniak

In Memory of Christina Williams

Dottie and Dale Hotchkiss

In Memory of Sandy Wissick

Cheryl Wissick and Charles de Krafft

In Memory of Melissa Wolf

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Lepine

Viki and Scott Smith

In Memory of Bernard Zeifang

Virginia and Adolf Irmer

In Memory of Gene Zimmer

Kathryn Cherrington

In Memory of Anne Wolf

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Lepine


In Honor of Maxwell Andreas

Julie Andreas

In Honor of Michael Accapezzato

Susan Zorn

In Honor of Haley Allen

Sara and Lee Allen

In Honor of Maxwell Andreas

Julie Andreas

In Honor of Buddy and Michelle Baur and Family

Cheryl Pratt

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Walt Baur

Cheryl Pratt

In Honor of Walt Baur

Cheryl Pratt

In Honor of the Work of Ruth Benjamin and the HCS Staff

Barton Kaplan, MD

In Honor of Drew Bielemeier’s Birthday

Marisa Geitner

In Honor of Robert Bonferraro

Cara Lynch and Randy Bonferraro

In Honor of Devon Booker

Donyelle Booker

In Honor of Samantha Bund

Pauline and Erland Kailbourne

In Honor of Julie Campanaro

Michelle and Ron Campanaro

In Honor of Christina Brown

Mary Jane Brown

In Honor of Nancy Cataldi

Jessica Cataldi

In Honor of Robin Coleman

 Eric Tri Vinh Linh

In Honor of Sean Connelly

Eileen and Patrick Connelly

In Honor of Jeffrey Thomas Cook

Ann Nelson

In Honor of Andrea D’Orsi

Karin Carlevatti

Lauri and David Crocker

In Honor of Carolyn Dadd

Molly Dinning

In Honor of Peter DeLuca

Ann Marie Stalteri

In Honor of Sue Dennie

Susan VanDerBeck and Robert Coccia

In Honor of Peter Devello

Susanelizabeth Ward

In Honor of Jennifer DiJames

Ann and Norman Francavilla

In Honor of Rick DiMaggio

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

In Honor of Eileen Farlow

Allyson Farlow Borgstedte

In Honor of Matthew Ford

Pauline Fitzpatrick

In Honor of Anne Freeman

Patrice and Bill Freeman

In Honor of Marisa Geitner

Roxanne and Patrick DiLaura

Julianne and Charles Hoffman

In Honor of Lisa Gerlach’s Birthday

James Handrich

In Honor of Ginger Guyer

Susan VanDerBeck

In Honor of Vicki Hanson

Angela Cataldi

Vicki Phillis

In Honor of Libbie Hard

Deborah Hard

In Honor of the Staff at 1208 Winton Road

Donna Cavanaugh and Scott Collins

In Honor of the Staff at Heim Road

Eileen McCallister

In Honor of the Staff at Stone Road

Osborn, Murphy, Tandy, Payne and Henderlong Walk-a-Thomp

In Honor of Katie Holleran

Barb and Vern Dannemiller

In Honor of Ogdon Johnson

Audrey Malesky

In Honor of Kathleen Kaveny

Patricia Clark

David Kaveny

In Honor of Tracy Klein’s Birthday

Karen Douglas

Lena and Richard Marinelli

Colleen Predmore

Diane and Pat Sturmer

Kelly Vidur

In Honor of Tracie Kratzenberg

Jo Ann and Earl Kratzenberg

In Honor of Monica Kroubalkian’s 90th Birthday

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Roemer

In Honor of Jennifer Lacey

Cheryl Pratt

In Honor of Joseph Louis

Ellen Asprooth and Mark Jackson

In Honor of Bonnie and Dan Matthaidess

Christine Pichan

In Honor of Deloris Meosky’s 90th Birthday

Patrice and Bill Freeman

In Honor of Laura Nenno

Shirley Meston

In Honor of Elaine O’Neill

Pat and Bill O’Neill

In Honor of Andy Osborn

Claire and Patrick Tandy

In Honor of Julie Owen and Staff

Nina Somers

In Honor of Onni Peck

Margarita and Francis Abbey

In Honor of Elena Petkovski

Sharon and James Rose

In Honor of the Pieters Family

Diane and Pat Sturmer

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Pratt

Cheryl Pratt

In Honor of Robert Renaldi

Richard Renaldi

In Honor of the Rhinehart Family

 Katherine Bennett

In Honor of Jamie Rhinehart

Kim Mellema and Willis Reid

In Honor of Mickey Ritzenthaler

Margarita and Francis Abbey

In Honor of Vincent Santino

William Santino

In Honor of Frank Schillaci

Deborah Oakley

In Honor of Susan Sparks

Linda Gerlach

In Honor of Mitchell Spiegel

Nancy and Richard Parker

In Honor of Sunny Stenclik’s Birthday

Lorie and Randall Cook

In Honor of Kyle Stern

Marilyn Hiwiller

In Honor of Nancy Tantalo

Margarita and Francis Abbey

Sarah Goodman

In Honor of the Texas Family Medicine PA

Victoria Emergency Associates

In Honor of Alex Trageser

Ben Trageser

In Honor of Ben Trageser’s Birthday

Ari Bellz

Sam Bittker

Jeff Gliksman

Maggie Grace

Jared Knowlton

Kristina Kostovski

Jake Meyer

David Nitsch

Deborah and Christopher Trageser

Doug Uhazie

In Honor of Deborah Tregeser

Ben Trageser

In Honor of Erica Uttaro

Jane Conrad

In Honor of the Volunteers with the Friendship Group at Winton Road

Norma McLernon

In Honor of April Ward

Vicki and Bill Ward

In Honor of Mike Wolf’s Birthday

Viki and Scott Smith

In Honor of Karen Zampatori’s Retirement

Karen Collins

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