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Your advocacy matters

Care professionals are the familiar faces working in our group residences, hospitals, nursing homes and in-home care who we trust to support our loved ones when we cannot be there. Even with medical professionals assessing and designing care plans, without our frontline support professionals, these plans simply remain on paper. Plans of care are lived out by the hands and hearts that support the person in each step of their daily routine.

Care professionals perform some of the most important work in our communities. They are also parents, students, and people who want to make a difference in the lives of those they support. Our society depends on people working in these roles to support our community members, often at times of greatest need; as such, human services continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. People in care roles are required to be skilled professionals with specific training and education, and yet many of them cannot financially take care of their own families because of the low wages associated with their jobs. It is essential that care professionals be able to earn a livable, sustainable wage. They deserve it.  We all need to work together to increase the respect and wages of care professionals.

As we continue to advocate for care professionals like direct support staff, we would like to share your stories that illustrate the importance of this work. We will use these stories to demonstrate the need for change.  If you have a personal example that you can share, please complete the form below.

Advocacy Stories


Use Your Voice

In September, advocates joined New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation across the state in an All Day Phone Rally to campaign against cuts in supports and services for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The detrimental consequences of these proposed budget cuts cannot be overstated. Use the contact information below to contact policy makers on this issue.

To keep the pressure on local representatives, DDAWNY has scheduled Buffalo and Rochester candidate forums on Oct. 14 and 15. We hope to have many people participating on Facebook. Please share the following event postings on social media:

Additionally, you can sign this Change.org petition and add your name to the many who are expressing their concern over the impact the proposed cuts will have on our services and supports.

Get involved and take action

Share your story of the importance of direct support roles.  Together, we will ensure a community that respects the work of our care professionals. With that respect, we will elevate our advocacy to ensure our legislators and funders make the necessary adjustments to support the funding of a sustainable wage for care professionals.

Looking to the future

While establishing a living wage for care professionals remains the most pervasive priority for our future supports and services, it is not the only issue of significance in the lives of people living with disabilities.  Heritage Christian Services supports initiatives that:

  • Enhance the opportunity for diverse, inclusive, equitable community experiences rich with meaningful relationships
  • Ensure introduction and access to  high-quality care professionals
  • Increase the number of people who have meaningful employment in our community
  • Increase access to accessible, affordable, quality housing
  • Improve the availability and quality of transportation services