Advocacy & Disabilities

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The #bFair2DirectCare Coalition is bringing people together to advocate for direct support professionals and other support staff to receive fair compensation for the vital work that they do.

Your advocacy matters

New York State is increasing the minimum wage in the Rochester and Buffalo areas to $12.50 an hour by 2021 with the goal of reaching $15 an hour shortly thereafter. Agencies like ours support a living wage, but we need additional funding from the government and from donors to ensure we can afford to stay ahead of the increases and be a competitive option for people who are seeking work.

A Tutorial on Direct Support

View video to learn more about the #bFair2DirectCare Coalition.

Get involved and take action

Looking to the future

While living wages for workers remains the most vital priority for our agency, we recognize that it is not the only issue of significance in the lives of people with disabilities.  In order to maximize quality of life, Heritage Christian Services supports initiatives that:

  • Improve the ability to recruit and retain a high-quality workforce
  • Enhance the opportunity for meaningful relationships and community involvement
  • Increase the number of people who have meaningful jobs in the community
  • Increase housing options, quality, and accessibility
  • Improve the availability and quality of transportation