HIGHER WAGES! Most direct support roles start at $17.25+


Here at Heritage Christian we like to talk about big topics — and sometimes we have big ideas. In our posts, you'll see opinions and insights from employees and often from Marisa Geitner, our president and C.E.O. They will give you a glimpse into the kinds of things we’re wrestling with and the kinds of things we think are worth fighting for.

By Marisa Geitner

What does it mean when we say that we are living in a “new normal,” even as Covid-19 measures ebb? To me, it means contributing to a better world. A more aware, more equitable one. A world where all members of our community and our workforce have what they need to succeed professionally and personally.

In my nearly 10 years serving as the president of Heritage Christian Services, I have been deeply committed to cultivating a healthy and supportive corporate culture. One that is built around the needs of staff throughout our organization, actualizing inclusive love for all people to achieve their full possibility and honor their dignity and worth. We must continue to lead the way for a better community and a better workplace. Magnifying the value of impactful support provided by compassionate care professionals.

What does this corporate culture look like? Elevating the care experience by elevating the experience of the care professionals.  First order is to ensure a wage commensurate with the important work of our team.  We have demonstrated this by raising the wages of our frontline professionals twice over the past year and a half; today, the $17.25/hour base wage our frontline workers receive is higher than industry average. We also ensured a 5.4% cost of living increase to all other employees this year.  Wage sufficiency is just one of the many commitments we’ve made to our workforce.

Successful corporate culture today means demonstrating a commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility.  These principles are fundamental to the founding of Heritage Christian and grow in sophistication and commitment with every passing year.

We also have a commitment to recognition for a job well done.  Within our culture, gratitude and appreciation are top of mind.  We seek time to celebrate accomplishments small and large; we want people to know the value of their day-to-day contribution.

At Heritage Christian, we will continue to recognize our frontline workers as the bedrock of our agency success. We will help people generate meaningful connections and relationships, so they discover what matters to them. As our organization and others navigate this new era, Heritage Christian Services will forge ahead with its foundational philosophy that people come first.

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