HIGHER WAGES! Most direct support roles start at $17.25+

Mission, Vision & Values

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Our Mission

To provide…

A living and working environment that reflects the love of Christ in action;
Support and respect for each individual’s gifts, strengths and needs;
Opportunity to mature, to learn and to grow;
A life of dignity, worth and expression to which all are entitled as God’s created children.
This is their rightful HERITAGE.

Our Vision

All endeavors are undertaken in a Christ-centered culture and to the glory of God.

Our Values

At Heritage Christian Services, we ask each staff member to daily exemplify the Heritage Christian difference through actions and words. In our workplace, we value:

Christian Compassion

Serving others and ourselves with dignity, respect, humility and open hearts


Fearless and steadfast strength, even in difficult situations


Gumption and initiative to serve people in new ways


Determination to always meet and surpass quality standards


Commitment to truth in intentions, actions and words


Lightheartedness and joy and sharing laughter with one another

Our Commitment to Equity and Justice

We believe that people are entitled to dignity, respect, equity and justice. We champion a society that removes barriers. We reject racism and discrimination of any kind. We protest systemic and political inequities that marginalize people, recognizing that there is a history of structural racism in the United States. We will continue to learn and change to achieve justice. We know that strength comes from unity.