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You’re right where God wants you

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By Marisa Geitner

There are some jobs that, honestly, none of us anticipates doing. Not all people want the difficult jobs, right? But for many of us, that’s exactly where God has placed us.

In our work, sometimes we criticize ourselves over all the things we can’t get to in the course of a day. Maybe it’s quality-of-life things we hope to support others with … getting out of the house, going to the park or concerts or family picnics. And right now, we just can’t get to all of that with the help we have.

So guess what? You can choose to be frustrated by that. Or you can choose to recognize that for today, you did all you could.

And you finished the day still wanting to do more.

What an amazing place to be when you’re so tired, right? That’s exactly where God wants you!

Recently, I heard something at church that really stuck with me. It was one of those little things, in one sermon, in the midst of one weekend, that I needed to hear at that moment:

We’re here for one job … and one job only. And that is to love. 

Just think about it: Whenever you go to bed at night, thinking of all of the ways that you could have shown love differently, that’s right where God wants you!

Our tendency is to be critical of ourselves, especially when tired, right about the time we go to bed — or when you wake up at 3 a.m., right? — thinking of all of the things we could have done that day, or ways we could have shown love and care for others.

When that happens to you, try this: Take a breath and say, “Well, thank you, God! You’ve got me right where you want me: Hungry for the challenge of love, hungry to meet that challenge.”

There are so many great ways to show our love and care for ourselves and others. He doesn’t want us holding onto regret over what we didn’t get to. He wants us saying, “Tomorrow that is right where I’ll put my energy. I want to do more — and look at all these other ways I could do more.”

And not more stuff, not more tasks. But more ways in which you can show love and care.

We’re right where God has placed us. What a great place to be.