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Connected Together

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By Marisa Geitner

The unexpected changes the coronavirus pandemic has had on the world are a reminder that the future is never certain. Yet uncertainty has never stopped people from stepping up to help others. Our agency is blessed with a workforce that will adapt quickly for the sake and safety of the people we support.

The long hours are just one example, but even more, there’s a sense of creativity. It’s funny to think that at a time when it’s in everyone’s best interest to be apart from each other, somehow we are more connected than ever before. The power of technology has helped us check on our loved ones, conduct meetings and purchase food and other resources for people in need. The compassion shown throughout the community is a glimpse of light at the end of a seemingly dark tunnel.

It’s still not known how long we will need to continue practicing social distancing, but in a short time we have already experienced the emotional and financial effect the coronavirus outbreak has had on Heritage Christian. Our agency will continue to lift up our frontline workers as we find the resources to ensure that people continue to receive the care they deserve.

It’s also important to remember our many families supported by our agency. We are grateful for their patience and understanding as they endure being away from their loved ones during this outbreak. Continue to reach out and show your support in any way you can. As we look forward to the potential possibilities our new normal will bring, my hope is that our sense of togetherness and compassion will remain.