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10 Reasons To Welcome Student Interns

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Do you know companies interested in student interns? The Employment Alliance matches students to businesses that support work-readiness programs. The Employment Alliance pays these student interns, ages 14-21, and they have the opportunity to develop industry-specific skills, whether that’s in a warehouse, kitchen or an office, just to name a few.

Here’s why companies should consider student interns from the Employment Alliance:

  1. Find undiscovered talent. The Employment Alliance works with students and job-seekers who are largely undiscovered talent. In this difficult labor market, partnering with the Employment Alliance is a great way to expand a pool of talent prospects.
  2. The Employment Alliance funds the internship. The Employment Alliance pays student interns. Businesses have the extra help needed while supporting interns to learn and grow as professionals.
  3. Over 100 companies partner with the Employment Alliance and it’s growing. Employment Alliance professionals are experts at matching talented workers with job openings in our community. The Employment Alliance has a track record of offering successful work readiness and job coaching programs and partners with more than 100 companies in the Greater Rochester and Buffalo-Niagara regions!
  4. Cultivate the work culture. Interns add dimension and value to a workplace culture by offering fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to help company leaders think broadly for success.
  5. Opportunity to hire interns as employees. Mangers can choose to hire student interns as employees upon successful completion of the internship. The internship program is a great way to get to know potential employees before selection.
  6. Make the community a better place. Business leaders make the community better by offering young people with disabilities the chance to gain real-life work experience and stay on a trajectory for self-sufficiency.
  7. Broaden perspectives. The insight one gains from working with a student may broaden a personal perspective to better serve customers and clients in more inclusive ways.
  8. Stand up for equity. Our community is doing more to address economic and social disparities for marginalized groups, but we have a long way to go. By hiring an intern, companies are helping to make an impact in the community by making inclusivity a priority.
  9. Bolster a company’s image and build a brand. Being a socially responsible company can help with a company’s image and be used to build a good reputation in the marketplace.
  10. Introduce young talent to a field. Is an industry struggling to attract new candidates? Offering internships is a great way to introduce young talent to a field.

If know a company that is interested in learning more about student internships, visit HCSemploymentalliance.org or email info@hcsemploymentalliance.org to get started.