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We have set up an HCS Covid-19 Hotline – (585) 340-2050 – to give everyone a place to get more information and make it easier for our staff to communicate about symptoms, travel and exposure to an infected person.

Vaccine Facts | CDC Links  |  County Links   |  Cleaning and Hygiene Tips   |   Ways to Minimize Exposure

Resources for People with Disabilities  |  For Expressive Beginnings Families    


Covid-19 Information

The vaccine is our best chance for protection against infection and severe disease. Bivalent Covid-19 vaccine boosters are now available, designed to protect against new variants. The booster is recommended for everyone aged 12 and up who has completed their primary vaccine series and is at least 2 months past their last dose of either their primary series or a previous booster.

New Yorkers can visit vaccines.gov, text their ZIP code to 438829 or call 1-800-232-0233 to find nearby vaccination locations.

We all want to make the best health decisions for ourselves and our families. We strongly encourage you to seek credible information about the vaccine. Two science-based sources include the Centers for Disease Control and the Mayo Clinic.

For specific information about how the vaccine might affect you and your loved ones, and how you can get the vaccine, please consult your health care provider.

Understanding the risk of COVID-19 for yourself and those around you can help you make informed decisions to keep you safe and healthy.

Moving forward

OPWDD provides guidelines regarding operations and infection control related to Covid-19. Our number one priority is the health and safety of the people we support and our staff.

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Resources for People with Disabilities

Covid-19 Information By and For People with Disabilities 

Covid-19 In Plain Language

Covid-19 in Plain Language videos

Mask Wearing Social Story

Wearing a Mask- A Social Narrative for Children by Autism Little Learners

We Wear Masks – A Social Story about the coronavirus for children

Covid-19 Day Services Risk/Benefit Discussion Guide

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Expressive Beginnings Families

If your child is experiencing any symptoms, keep them home and contact your health care provider. Guidance from OCFS and the CDC states that quarantine is no longer required with exposure, as long as the person is not symptomatic. It is recommended that people who have been exposed mask when returning to work or child care. Should we discover any exposure to Covid-19 within our staff or the families we support, we are prepared to follow any guidelines from the CDC or Department of Health.

As for additional proactive measures, please note the following:

  • We are constantly reminding our staff and families to report symptoms and exposure; help to keep things sanitized; and to wash hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds.

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