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The Positive Effects of the Renovations at 1305 State Road

The renovations that have already been completed at 1305 State Road in Webster offer a great window into the benefits of right-sizing homes and ensuring that the people living in them can successfully age-in-place.

1305 State Road currently supports six women on one floor, which has made life significantly better for them. For Jennifer Clark, residence manager, and the rest of her staff, it’s also easier to support them.

“It’s easier to support six women on one floor, staffing wise, rather than on multiple floors,” she said. “We don’t need to split up now.”

Before renovations, the women living on the second floor of the home had to go all the way down to the basement to do and eventually collect their laundry. Now, they just need to walk down the hall, a much safer and easier trip.

One of the other benefits of concentrating the home on one floor is the ease of regulating temperatures to optimize comfort for the people who live there.

“It used to be difficult to regulate temperatures on both floors,” Clark said. “Now, we only need to worry about one thermostat.”

The renovations also allowed for the expansion of important rooms in the house that were previously unable to accommodate someone using a wheelchair. As these women age, the rooms will be set up to be accessible for all people.

The outdoor living space has been converted into a patio accessible from both the kitchen and the back floor, meaning anyone regardless of physical ability can use it. Before, it was an elevated deck that would make it difficult for people with aids to access the backyard.

Renovations like this make life simpler and safer for the people who live in the homes and the staff who support them, and the agency is seeking to do this with multiple homes in the coming years. Newly renovated homes will foster a healthy sense of community, and ensure that people will be able to age-in-place comfortably and with dignity.