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Self-care is a necessary part of being resilient

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I recently took part in a webinar that reminded me of the importance of self-care, and our workforce came to mind. There is tremendous angst and displacement living through a pandemic. If we’re not nurturing our inner strength, it’s hard to keep moving forward.

Self-care looks different for all of us. That spirit of taking care of ourselves, in such demanding times, in order to be our best for others, is so important right now. Those efforts make it possible for us to work collaboratively to ensure meaningful relationships and the enriching experiences that result from those relationships.

Self-care helps sustain the resiliency that keeps us going through difficult times. When it comes right down to it, even when there are outside pressures and competing priorities, our focus is still person by person. Our staff is dedicated to finding ways to provide the safest experience that allows a person to maintain relationships that are important to them, with opportunities that matter to them.

This year, we’ve proven that Heritage Christian Services is an organization that can persevere through change. We will keep navigating, putting relationships first, with the knowledge that self-care is a necessary part of that process.

Marisa Geitner

President & C.E.O.