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By Marisa Geitner

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For over 30 years, I have had the privilege of working for Heritage Christian Services, and have been touched by so many stories of people supported by us. Our agency is built upon these amazing people, their stories, and the dedication of so many people before me. I am thrilled that we have launched our Homes with Heart campaign, and sharing the stories of the people living in homes that will be renovated and/or rebuilt to be fully accessible, comfortable and familiar in all phases of their lives.

One of the stories that has most recently touched my heart is that of the Larrabee family. Patricia Larrabee, founder and president of Rochester Clinical Research, has long been a staunch advocate for Heritage Christian Services. When Pat’s sister Mimi chose our agency to support her in 2020, her sons Adam and Brendan would join in their support for Heritage Christian Services. At our Homes with Heart kick-off in June, Pat’s son Adam shared just how crucial this move was for her. He said Heritage Christian Services saved Mimi’s life.

Prior to moving into her current home, Mimi was served by another provider. The provider could no longer support Mimi’s changing physical needs, and as it was becoming difficult for her to move around her living environment, she was discharged to a nursing home. Unfortunately, this was also the same time that Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, spreading around the world and in communities across the state. On top of making it difficult for Mimi to connect with her family, Covid-19 hit her new provider hard; of the 88 people living there, 80 came down with the virus. Over 30 of those people passed away from it. With only one opening available in a Heritage Christian home in her area, we were blessed to get a call about her circumstance.  Our team worked to ensure Mimi was relocated within eight days of the first call.

In her new home, Mimi didn’t have to share a room with anyone, greatly reducing the risk of contracting the virus. In addition, she had the mobility she needed to do what was most meaningful to her, all in a familiar setting where it was easier to connect with the people she loved.

Sadly, more than once, the Larrabee family has seen what happens when a person doesn’t live in a home that is optimized for comfort and safety. Another person in the family had also been supported by a different provider, and tragically experienced a much different outcome than Mimi. For us to make such a difference in the lives Mimi and so many others family warms my heart, as it does the many people who have made Homes with Heart possible.

Inspired by the goals of the Homes with Heart campaign, and having seen just how much of a positive impact Heritage Christian Services had on Mimi’s life, the Larrabee family has made a tremendous gift to the campaign to a fund named in honor of Pat’s late husband, David. Their gift will also feature a matching challenge; for every dollar donated to the campaign, the Larrabee family has pledged to donate two more. This is the kind of relationship that makes so many great things possible, and as our renovations and rebuilds continue, we hope to continue touching lives the same way we have done for Mimi.

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