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Dear Friends,

We’re all learning to navigate the changing demands of a world disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the needs change among the people who choose our services, we continue to walk alongside them, anticipating bends in the road and shifts in the landscape.

I’ve been amazed at the response from our workforce to the demands of this crisis, with its impact on our lives that we never could have imagined. Their dedication has really inspired me, as they’ve adapted quickly and created solutions to unexpected problems. I can’t thank them enough for the sacrifices they’ve made.

As a broad and growing service provider, Heritage Christian Services has always aimed to support a healthy and thriving community. We’re continuing to do great work, maintaining our foundational programs that aim to create a community that is safe and meaningful for all. Our staff’s passion for putting people first and serving the common good has inspired broad community support, too, with donors, business partners and friends recognizing them as community heroes.

If you’re able, consider contributing to our Emergency Fund, which was created to allow us to put resources where there is an urgent need. It especially lets us help our direct support professionals through this challenging time. You can support that effort by visiting HeritageChristianServices.org/EmergencyFund.

As we produced this issue of Spirit, we faced a shifting reality. We still wanted to share some good news and stories about things we’re looking forward to. I hope you’ll find some comfort here, and that you’ll see that our work is successful only with the contributions and support of our greater community.

While we move through this time of uncertainty, our faith continues to guide us. Even though we can’t yet see how this challenge will resolve, our hope and optimism will help us find new solutions. We are stronger together.


Marisa Geitner, President & C.E.O.

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Expressing gratitude

Video testimonials say thanks to employees

HCS recently released a video to let staff know how much they’re appreciated as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. The staff’s dedication and teamwork have always been something to get excited about. But in these times of isolation and social distancing, they’re still doing outstanding work. Our community is enthusiastic about the staff’s contribution to getting through this difficult time.

A variety of people expressed their gratitude via video, and it really shows that the connection between our community and our staff is as vibrant
as ever.

The success of Heritage Christian Services, and our resilience through this pandemic, is built on community support and an outstanding workforce. Thank you, again, to all of the staff at Heritage Christian Services.

Here are some things people said about the frontline staff at Heritage Christian Services:

“We appreciate and recognize our frontline staff as community heroes. Thank you so much for everything that you do.”

“Our direct support staff are simply the best.”

“We’ve always recognized and seen our frontline staff as the community heroes that they are. Thank you all for everything that you’re doing.”

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In an update to our staff in April, Mark Zawacki, talked about the inspiring level of support we’ve received from our community as we learn ways to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what he said in his video, which you can also watch below.

“If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience it, I can’t overstate the outpouring of support that we’ve received from the community. We absolutely know this generosity comes because of the hard work and reputation of our staff, and the many ways our workforce enriches the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

As you may know, the Heritage Christian Services Foundation was established 32 years ago to assure the sustainability of our agency. Now, its role to raise and provide needed resources for staff and people supported by Heritage Christian is more important than ever.

As an organization, we’re facing major challenges. We’ve had several fundraisers and special events that support our programs be cancelled or postponed. Additionally, as we pause operations for our day hab, respite and other programs, we expect a more than $4 million loss of revenue by the end of May.

This loss is further complicated by unexpected expenses that are helping to protect people during this crisis, running more than $600,000 a month, for staffing, medical equipment and supplies.

The Foundation remains ready to meet the challenges:

  • We started an emergency response fund to help offset revenue losses and have raised more than $125,000 from private donors in a month.
  • We also quickly organized a new fundraising event – the Stronger Together one-hundred-minute virtual race – that has collected more than $20,000 in just a couple of weeks with over 100 people registered.
  • We’re applying for community grants and accepting donated supplies. It’s been amazing. Dozens of volunteers have sewn and donated more than 3,000 cloth face coverings that have been delivered to 70 agency sites.
  • Local businesses have donated hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer and vital cleaning supplies.
  • And in thinking ahead, we repurposed some of our sites, like the Pieters Family Life Center and Ellicottcreek Day Hab … and we’ve been able to • organize large food orders, collect medical equipment and distribute donations to four hundred people across Rochester and Buffalo.

This is because of you. Your passion for putting people first and serving the common good inspires community members to act like you. Our donors, business partners and friends recognize all of you as our community heroes, and they prove that with their donations.

We have a long way to go, but we’ll never falter for the people we support because we care so much about them.

If there’s one thing I want you to take away today, it’s knowing how much you’re appreciated and how you’ve got the community’s backing.

Be safe and take good care of yourselves.”

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Companies band together and share resources that assist employees.


During difficult times, extra employee support services are needed more than ever. The changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have given the Employer Resource Network the opportunity to implement video visits with success coaches. That makes it easier for employees to continue to get the support they need.

In addition, Heritage Christian Services and its seven partners are bringing their successful Employer Resource Network to Buffalo.

Marianne Durrant, director of network development for the Employer Resource Network, says it’s a resource that’s available to everyone who works at HCS, but it’s a community resource, too.

Through this program, Durrant says, the whole purpose is job retention, through coaching and working through personal challenges that affect a person’s ability to work.

In 2019, HCS took the lead in bringing this to the community. Heritage Christian Services is initiating the process of investing in and bringing together resources to allow companies to have access to a success coach and to gather data that shows us the barriers that employees may have to employment, especially in entry-level jobs.

For the families of people who choose HCS services, ERNs contribute to continuity of care. If a direct support professional is able to work things out in their personal life, the people they work with benefit, too.

Employer Resource Networks are private/public collaborations that work to increase job retention by offering support and training to employees. ERNs, made up of businesses that share the low-cost services of an on-site success coach, focus on reducing turnover, improving performance and creating a better workplace culture.

Representatives from the Employer Resource Network are working with existing networks across all forms of business to collaborate in bringing this resource to Buffalo.

On-site success coaches try to create a sense of familiarity and predictability, Durrant says, with regular office hours and a space where employees know they can find them. Chanel Terrell is the success coach at Heritage Christian Services, and employees get frequent reminders that she’s a resource they can talk to confidentially. Success coaches connect people with community resources and services that provide fast relief for many issues, such as financial concerns, finding reliable transportation, workplace conflict, child care, housing barriers and family challenges.

In addition to being able to call, email or text a success coach, there’s also the new option for virtual visits. That technological addition will make it easy for people in the Buffalo area to interact with a success coach, too.

Many people are familiar with the Employee Assistance Plan, which is another a valuable resource that offers counseling support through many companies, including Heritage Christian Services. But the ERN offers broader and more immediate support than an EAP.

This service offers an extra personal touch, Durrant says, and ultimately helps people stay in their jobs.

For instance, an employee might be struggling with the demands of a parent with dementia. Or, for someone who works overnight, finding childcare can be an issue. Through the ERN, an employee can work with a success coach to identify resources that are available in their community. Not only that, the success coach is available in person or via text, email or phone on an urgent basis, if needed. If people want to talk about ways to move up in the organization, a success coach can help them explore that, too, by talking about available opportunities and the sorts of things they might need to learn in order to advance.

An ERN is a great way for businesses to engage and retain their workforce, Durrant says. Companies in Rochester that are working with the Employer Resource Network now include Catholic Family Center, Catholic Charities, Jewish Senior Life, Epilepsy-Pralid, Friendly Senior Living, MVP Health Care and St. Ann’s Community, along with Heritage Christian Services.

The hope, Durrant says, is to have the ERN up and running in the Buffalo Niagara region by the end of this year.

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Awards and recognition

Paul Hanson Excellence Award

The Paul Hanson Excellence Award winner is TIFFANY TOLBERT, who was awarded for her leadership and dedication to excellence.



Eunice Hanson Excellence in Nursing Award

CHRISTA TURK was awarded the Eunice Hanson Excellence in Nursing Award for her hard work and compassionate care.



New York Direct Support Professional of the Year

ANDREW MCNAMARA, a positive supports specialist, has been selected to receive a 2020 New York Direct Support Professional of the Year Award from the American Network of Community Options & Resources. Andrew was selected for recognition from among hundreds of nominations. This award serves as a testament to Andrew’s work to support individuals in the community and to his leadership at Heritage Christian Services.


Amy Marie Tessoni Award

The Amy Marie Tessoni Award winner was TIFFANY SHERMAN, who is an amazing advocate and medical liaison who always goes above and beyond for the people she supports at Plank Road.




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New Board Members

Lisa Durant-Jones – Agency board

Associate vice president for Academic Affairs at Nazareth College and a professor of speech-language pathology. She led
the creation of the college’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, was named a Diversity Champion in 2009 by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and received the 2016 Cultural Pluralism Award from the Association of Schools in Allied Health Professions.


Maria Jose Cubillos Reed – Agency board

Owner of Cubillos Reed Law, PLLC. She sits on the advisory committee of the Appellate Division, Fourth Department, Attorneys for Children Program as well as the advisory committee for the Monroe County Assigned Counsel Program.
She is a recipient of the Empire State Counsel Award for pro bono service.


Sanjay Mathur – Agency board

Oracle IT Business Analyst at Paychex. He served as president of the executive council at the Hindu Temple of Rochester from 2014 to 2018 and is currently on its Board of Trustees. He is an advisory board member for the Hickey Center of Interfaith Studies and Dialogue at Nazareth College.



Dr. Sasha Eloi-Evans – Agency board

Director of Multicultural Programs and Services at SUNY Geneseo. Previously, she was a lecturer and academic program coordinator at the University of Rochester. Early in her career, she gained direct support experience with Heritage Christian Services.


Lisa Arrington – Foundation board

Partner at Barclay Damon LLP. She helps clients with disabilities and families with children with disabilities access public benefits and maximize the preservation of individual and family assets. She also assists clients with Article 17A guardianships for children or family members with disabilities.


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Donor Spotlight

Nine years ago, Heritage Christian Services met Eileen Farlow’s son, Bill Farlow, to find a match for a home in Penfield. Eileen had her reservations, since Bill had tried several living arrangements across 33 years. The agency staff worked diligently to understand how a living arrangement could be designed to meet Bill’s needs and they used creativity in their problem-solving to make sure he wouldn’t be left without a chance to live on his own. Eileen says of Heritage Christian, “You know they’re going to do the right thing. It may be difficult, but they’re going to do the right thing.” The collaboration makes it possible for Bill to live in the residence of his choice, for as long as he is able.

Heritage Christian Services worked to create an environment that would suit Bill. He has additional areas that offer the space he needs to reset and refresh from day-to-day distractions and perhaps busyness that comes with housemates. Eileen says, “Everything they’ve said they would do [for Bill], they have done in every way.”

For most of his life, people told Bill how to live and what to do. Now, Bill decides what he wants to do every day. “Bill wouldn’t be Bill if Heritage Christian Services hadn’t come into the picture,” Eileen said. Heritage Christian’s support of Bill has made all the difference for Eileen. When Bill went to the hospital, he had staff with him the entire time he was there. That level of care and compassion is what makes Eileen want to support HCS in return. She said, “If I had a million dollars, it would all go to Heritage Christian Services.”

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Volunteer Spotlight

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re inviting anyone who can sew to make face coverings or gowns for us.

If you aren’t a person who sews, you can still help by donating essential supplies, like tightly woven cotton fabric or elastic. The face coverings will be used to protect frontline staff of both Heritage Christian Services and Expressive Beginnings Child Care and people who choose our services. Volunteers are asked to use the mask patterns and instructions found at HeritageChristianServices.org/Sewing.

Masks and gowns must be delivered in a sealed plastic bag that includes a piece of paper with your name, contact information and the number of masks you’ve donated. Heather Geoca, volunteer coordinator, says we’re hoping for thousdans of cloth face coverings and gowns in this effort.

Donations – materials and completed coverings – can be dropped off at the Pieters Family Life Center in Henrietta, located at 1025 Commons Way, Rochester. The Little Library (pictured) is being re-purposed to accept items.

In the Buffalo area, cloth coverings, as well as hand sanitizer and antiviral cleaning supplies, may be dropped off at 170 Main St. in Tonawanda. Under the covered patio, you’ll see a plastic tote for the masks.

We are also accepting donations of hand sanitizer and antiviral cleaning supplies in Rochester. Those items may be dropped off at the Life Center front entrance weekdays between
8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Thanks for your contributions to these efforts.


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The Heritage Christian Services Foundation is grateful for the generous support of the following sponsors for our fundraising events.


More than $3,000 was raised at the Heritage Christian Services Basketball Classic to benefit our Employment Alliance. The Feb. 15 doubleheader, held at the Kidera Gymnasium in the Shults Center at Nazareth College, featured the men’s and women’s teams from Nazareth College and The Sage Colleges. Special thanks go to presenting sponsor Tompkins Bank of Castile, as well as media sponsor WYSL radio. We also acknowledge the generous support from the event committee members: Tony Wells, HCS Basketball Classic executive director; Lisa Formicola, assistant vice president and Pittsford branch manager of Tompkins Bank of Castile; Pete Bothner, Nazareth College athletics director; and Joe Seil, Nazareth College sports information director.



Thanks in part to our successful fundraisers and volunteer support, Heritage Christian Stables has been able to expand its horsemanship and riding experiences. As a matter of fact, it welcomed 23 youth between the ages of 5 and 13 during the February school break before the state mandated PAUSE Provision for COVID-10. Students like Vinny Russo enjoyed meeting experts like Aria, our Norwegian Fjord, and having a chance to ride. To receive future emails, notify the stables at info@HeritageChristianStables.org.



Boots & Barrels, the classy hoedown for a cause, has been a great success since its first go-round in 2017. The annual event raises funds for the therapeutic riding program at Heritage Christian Stables, and it’s an exciting way to spread the word about the work being done there.

In this time of uncertainty, however, Boots & Barrels has been canceled for 2020. This year, fans of Heritage Christian Stables and riding enthusiasts can support the program through a fundraising appeal that will launch later this spring. Watch for details coming soon!

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Thanks to the generosity of our partners and donors, people touched by HCS have the opportunity to learn and grow and to be respected for their individual gifts and strengths. Thank you for making a difference.

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield generously sponsored the 2020 Heart of Dance performance and provided support to purchase music therapy equipment for the Pieters Family Life Center.

Thanks to support from the M&T Charitable Foundation, Florence M. Muller Foundation, J.M. McDonald Foundation, the Jordan Fund and the Rochester Area Community Foundation, adults and students were provided scholarships for therapeutic horseback riding lessons at the Heritage Christian Stables.

Our agency’s Employment Alliance received support from the Niagara Frontier Automobile Dealers Association, the John F. Wegman Fund and Paychex to provide employment services to students as they prepare to leave high school.

HCS is grateful for support from the Guido and Ellen Palma Foundation, Gonsenhauser Family Fund, Rochester Press-Radio Club and the Maibaum Foundation for their support, which will allow children from across Rochester to attend field trips and respite camp at Springdale Farm.

An automated external defibrillator was purchased for our new western New York office in Amherst, thanks to a donation from the Firefighters Charitable Foundation.

Thanks to the Rochester Area Community Foundation, the windmill aeration system that maintains the pond at Springdale Farm will be repaired. Handicap accessible doors will be installed at Balcony Point, thanks to support from the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust.

The HCS Club Adventure respite program will continue to grow by adding more staff hours and expanding opportunities, thanks to a grant from the Scripps Howard Foundation.

The experience of riding a bicycle will be made possible for many of the people that HCS serves, thanks the purchase of tandem wheelchair bicycles as a result of a gift from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

The Employer Resource Network was launched in Rochester, thanks to a contribution from the ESL Charitable Foundation.

In 2019, the Hoselton Foundation awarded $18,500 to HCS in support of Dale Carnegie Leadership Training, an invaluable initiative that strengthens our workforce and gives them the tools they need to build meaningful careers with our agency.

The KeyBank Foundation continued its support of HCS’ workforce development programs and efforts to recruit and retain quality staff.



We are deeply grateful for funds donated from the Community Crisis Fund, organized by the United Way of Greater Rochester, the Rochester Area Community Foundation, the ESL Charitable Foundation, and the Western New York Community Response Fund founded by The Health Foundation of Western and Central New York, The John R. Oishei Foundation, The United Way of Buffalo and Erie County, and the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, which will allow HCS to purchase urgently needed cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment.

Special thanks go out to community friends and partners for their donations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re grateful for the contributions of face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies.

  • Black Button Distilling
  • Century Mold Co.
  • Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce
  • Iron Smoke Distillery
  • Monroe County
  • New York State Departement of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
  • New York State Clean
  • Rochester Area Community Foundation
  • Sew Creative
  • United Way of Greater Rochester


  • “Community Sourced PPE: Operation Sewing Squad”; Gina Guido-Redden and Kimberly Hubert, organizers
  • ROC Maidan; Solmia Laba, organizer
  • “We’re in this together. Sew away Corona”; Kim Dey, organizer


  • Joanne Baris
  • Jessica Beckel
  • Cindy Bukowski
  • Hannah Elisabeth Butler
  • Chris Contrara
  • Kara Ellsworth
  • Kristen Herkstoeter & Friends
  • Lauren Kolb
  • Linda Luckenbach
  • Deanne Newcombe
  • Aaron Newman
  • Beth Odell
  • Sarah Reddy
  • Kim Siracusa
  • Michelle Steves
  • Jennifer Stone
  • Bill Sturdevent
  • Michelle Tillapaugh
  • Danielle Yorko
  • Plus generous face mask donations from anonymous individuals



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Springdale Farm was embraced by Wegmans Food Markets and received business mentoring and networking for 15 months. As part of a leadership development program, 10 Wegmans employees shared their professional expertise with our staff and offered ways to raise awareness about the model public-private collaboration between Monroe County and HCS. Additionally, we thank Lowe’s of Brockport for providing materials for a new gazebo at cost, and the Wegmans team for assembling this beautiful structure.

During a time of PAUSE Provision for COVID-19, the farm buildings are closed but visitors walking the Northampton Park grounds can still enjoy the gazebo.




Many of us find joy in daily activities like music, exercise or learning new things. But with the isolation that’s part of social distancing, finding ways to be creative has been tricky.

With the new Heritage Christian Connection on Facebook Live, Heritage Christan staff are giving those staying at home something to look forward to. It’s a personal and interactive event that takes place weekdays on the HCS Facebook page.

The Heritage Christian Connection is a half-hour program that lets people connect in a meaningful way with staff who are familiar to them from Heritage Christian programs. Staff members share their expertise and give viewers a chance to engage in exercise, yoga, music and meditation, as well as learn  new things like American Sign Language.

Presenters have included HCS staff like music therapists Lauren Faggiano and Amanda Dimino, wellness assistant Emily Plotzker, speech therapist Stephanie Hawkins, art therapists Sara Corona and Sharon Scott, and faith inclusion specialist Padraic Collins-Bohrer.

Because it’s Facebook Live, the people watching can make requests, ask questions or just say hello.

By creating regular way to offer some normalcy and predictability to the daily routine, it’s just one way our staff is staying in touch with people. It builds a sense of familiarity and friendship during these difficult times.

To watch previous videos, visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/HeritageChristianServices.


In February, Heritage Christian Services announced that Kathy McCarthy is its new director of Finger Lakes residential services. McCarthy is a longtime employee who has served the agency for 25 years in various roles in the residential department, including direct support and most recently as the associate director of Finger Lakes residential services.

McCarthy has a bachelor’s degree in health science from The College at Brockport. In addition, McCarthy has expanded her education through a number of accredited certifications and leadership trainings from the New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation and the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals. In her new role, McCarthy will oversee the operations and continuity of care for people living in 48 homes across the region.




Are you a young adult with an intellectual or developmental disability who would like to improve your independence and work towards employment goals? About the program:

  • Program duration of nine months
  • Located at Jewish Senior Life, Winton Rd., Rochester
  • Three, 10-week internships, partnered with a mentor
  • Learn a variety of job and life skills
  • Projected start date: Sept. 2020


Informational sessions are via Zoom on Tuesday, May 5 from 10-11 a.m. and on Tuesday, May 11 from 5-6 p.m. RSVP to Shawna Boynton at sboynton@heritagechristianservices.org or (585) 405- 1639.


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An emphasis on inclusion and education


Eleversity is all about educating people. Formerly known as the agency’s Center for Human Services Education (CHSE), it’s a community impact program that serves thousands of people every year.

Eleversity includes a team that’s focused on improving the workforce. Whether in staff training and curriculum development, webinars or event planning, its efforts are geared toward addressing competencies, enhancing skills and solidifying philosophies. With more than 300 training sessions every year, the impact of Eleversity is felt beyond Heritage Christian and around the state of New York, from Buffalo to Plattsburgh to Long Island.

Until recently, Eleversity’s primary mission was to train human services workers for other providers in addition to those at Heritage Christian. The division has reached a level where it can grow beyond human services. It has evolved to a place where its staff can work with for-profit organizations and offer training on things like how to make the work environment more inclusive.

“This is a real watershed time for us,” said Chris Frank, Eleversity director. “We’re re-evaluating and reinventing ourselves to really launch and offer trainings in diversity, equity and inclusion.”

That emphasis on inclusion ties in to the principles that HCS was founded on. It’s only logical that HCS would walk hand-in-hand with other agencies and companies in an effort to establish workplaces that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

“So much of what we have done is working with people who perhaps come from a marginalized community,” Frank said. “There are common elements, and if you can take a broader view, how it all ties together becomes clear.”

In doing that, Eleversity helps other companies, nonprofit or for-profit, create a workplace culture that puts people first.

Last summer, Eleversity brought Sara Taylor on board as a community liaison and training specialist to complement the work that cultural competency expert Michael Edelman had long been doing in collaboration with many like-minded partners committed to justice, equity and inclusion. Taylor brings together executives and human resources leaders to teach them about inclusive ways to employ more people more effectively. She inspires them to participate in conversations that they might not otherwise have.

Ultimately, Taylor’s work helps community leaders take steps to raise people out of poverty through employment. At the HR level, she helps managers look at how hiring happens, who is being hired, and ways to make sure hiring practices are inclusive.

Taylor led the Right Talent Right Now symposium last fall in Rochester, and she’s working on webinar and training projects that will help a company get the conversation started around inclusion. Her employment-focused work ties in closely with Eleversity’s emphasis on helping others create better workplaces.

Through connections, networking and solid relationships, Eleversity is helping dozens of organizations develop plans to become more culturally competent. It’s reaching more people and having a positive impact on communities across the state.

For information on how businesses can receive a free education and consulting assessment, visit Eleversity.org.

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Memorials and Honorariums



In Memory of Brenda Allen
Sue Corey


In Memory of Bill Aman
Kathleen Aman


In Memory of Carl Dean Barnett

Betty and Robert Barnett

Evelyn and Allan Barnett

Karen and Mark Barnett

Dawn and Kenneth Bateman

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Carole Ann and Charles Collard

Patricia Condon

Donald Daake

Freedom Seniors

Marisa Geitner

Beth and Rick Harrison

Everett Hunt and the

Pharmacy Staff

Alfreda Kreckman

Ellen Kreckman

Sally Kye

Deanne Mahoney

The Eugene Modzelewski Family

Joan and Jim Parker

Sue and Greg Ring, Nancy

Kane, Joel and Trudy

Kane and Alisa Kane

Gregory A. and Susan E. Ring Charitable Foundation

Rebecca Scharf

Nancy and Mark Zawacki


In Memory of Mary and Wesley Baumbarger

Paul Baumbarger

In Memory of Paul Brink

JoAnne Frelier and Jim Wassenaar


In Memory of David Bruinsma

Rose and Ralph Bruinsma

Christine and Norman


JoAnne Frelier and Jim Wassenaar

Marisa Geitner


In Memory of Jobina, Mark and Pete Bruinsma

Dr. Winabelle Gritter

In Memory of Carter Bunce

Mr. and Mrs. John Allen

Carole Ann and Charles Collard

Barbara Delong

Kathy and Thomas Doody

Nancy Eberhard

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Enright

Friends of Roberta Barnett –

Marg, Erma, Jo, Barb and Joan

Geraldine Geesler

Marisa Geitner

Diane and Harry Heitzenrater

Ginny and Ray Hohl

Charles Howe

Hunters Creek Condominium Association

KK Buttons

Lawndale Community

Noreen and Terence McGuire

Thomas Van Schoonhoven

Lynn Scalia

Barbara and Richard Wedekindt


In Memory of Sharlene Caiazza-Lehning

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Wickliffe and John Blasi

Andrea Cotter

Marisa Geitner

Mary Jane and Arnie Gissin

Anne Leonardo

Joan and Jim Parker

Marie and Bob Pieters

Jean Sak

Naomi and Timothy Schick


In Memory of Mary Lu and Gerry Cassin

Sandra and John Cassin

In Memory of Anthony


Lisa Cantwell

In Memory of Morgan Coe

Darlene Carroll

Kathy Coe

Annette Paruta

Starfish Ministry of WNY


In Memory of Kate Colebeck

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Angela Cataldi

Marie and John Czerniawski

Bernadette and Mike DePrez

Mary and Mark DePrez

Nancy and Gus DePrez

Marisa Geitner

Alice and John Gucker

Jane and Kitch Kitchenman

Betty Kruchinsky

Michelle Labossiere-

Hall and Scott Hall

Sue and Rick Morman

Anna and Scott Mulcahy

Joan and Jim Parker

Mary Rinere

Mary Lynn and Art Smart

Nancy and Mark Zawacki


In Memory of Paul DeSarra

Martin Abel

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Mary Jane Bizari

Kathy and Paul Bonsignore

Elizabeth Brandkamp

Gregory Carlson

Sahil Chaudhrey

John Culligan

Nancy Cunliffe

Dianne Flaherty

Gerry and Bill Gamble

Marisa Geitner

Alice and John Gucker

Tony Harris

Ginny Heydens

Joan Jones

Anne Jones and Barbara Ricotta

Carole Kingston and Dave Onesti

Michelle Labossiere-

Hall and Scott Hall

Rita and Robert Laws

Leigh and Ron Little

Julia and Robert Monastero

Anna and Scott Mulcahy

Annie Murray

Mary Beth Musto

Melissa Mushka

Joan and Jim Parker

Marie and Bob Pieters

Gaye and John Pieters

Randi and Bill Rhinehart

Micheline and Ken Rivard

George-Ann and Carl Schauffele

Kathy Sperino

Sally, Ted, Jean, Michael and Karen Streppa

Nancy and Mark Zawacki


In Memory of John Donnellan

Patti and Ron Penepent

Elaine and Nancy Tantalo


In Memory of Ronald Drzewiecki

Margaret and Dennis McManus


In Memory of Caryl Favro

Margaret Ilardi


In Memory of David Flint

Betty and John Baird

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Rose Marie and Andrew Chastek

Barbara Georger

Marisa Geitner

Alice and John Gucker

Paul Kleinstuber

Michelle Labossiere-

Hall and Scott Hall

Anna and Scott Mulcahy

Joan and Jim Parker

Sara and Richard Vandermeid

Ann Wakelee

Nancy and Mark Zawacki

June and Zev Zicari


In Memory of Brian Franklin

Sandy and Les Walker

In Memory of Sheri Fuller

Janet Jenkins

In Memory of Jessica Gaugh

Karen and David Stoddard


In Memory of Paul Gerlach

Linda Gerlach


In Memory of Carol Giunta

Barbara Buckingham


In Memory of Thomas Giunta

Irene Brunelle

Mary and Richard Prinzi

Patricia Romano


In Memory of Dorothy Hodes

Virginia and Adolf Irmer


In Memory of Ruth and Frank Huscher

Sue and Bob DeSarra



In Memory of Jake Hutchinson

Angela Cataldi


In Memory of Patrick Ingram

Elaine Tantalo


In Memory of Judy Jorgensen

Fran Allen

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Marisa Geitner

Dr. and Mrs. William Limburg

Joan and Jim Parker

Marie and Bob Pieters

Nancy and Mark Zawacki


In Memory of Joseph Klosek

David Miller


In Memory of Theresa Kubasiewicz

Sharon Pucher


In Memory of Rolf Lehmann

Virginia and Adolf Irmer



In Memory of Rusty Likly

Jane and Bob Moore


In Memory of Lisa Anne Lucacci

Dee and Bob Lucacci


In Memory of Ryan Marshall

Audrey and Bill Marshall


In Memory of Betty Martin’s Birthday

June Bushfield


In Memory of David McElhaney

Nancy and Mike Brisbane

Jan and Dave Fleth

Dr. Lester and Monika Katzel


In Memory of Paul Meosky

Patrice, Bill, Robert, William and Rose Freeman


In Memory of Mary Beth Messe Henry

Joanne Case-Green

Dr. Tom Messe


In Memory of Ricky Metherell

Anna and Ralph Metherell


In Memory of William Metherell

Anna and Ralph Metherell


In Memory of Evelyn Miller

Eileen and Charles Betz

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Beth, Mike & Marcia DesJardin

Marisa Geitner

Judith and James Knauss

Marcia and Jerald McNeil

Marisa Geitner

Virginia Mossgraber

Marie and Marie Pieters

Joan and Gene Presicci

Nancy and Mark Zawacki


In Memory of Anni Muschick

Virginia and Adolf Irmer


In Memory of Cynthia Musso

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Patricia Kuhn

Fiona and Keith Osier


In Memory of Mary Napoli

Angela Cataldi


In Memory of David Nenno

Shirley Meston

Barrie Nenno


In Memory of Alice Opett

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Marisa Geitner

Alice and John Gucker

Michelle Labossiere-Hall and Scott Hall

John LaDuca

Ann Maruke and her family (Debbie, Roxy, Lee, Chris, Eileen, Hunter, Connor and Ryan)

Anna and Scott Mulcahy

The Paul Opett Family

Joan and Jim Parker

Debra Salmon

Nancy and Mark Zawacki


In Memory of Bob Otto

Joyce and Robert Krist


In Memory of Sarah Oubre

Judy and James Oubre


In Memory of Timothy Pietraszewski

Rosemary, Art and Jeff Pietraszewski


In Memory of Jeremy Ragan

Marian Halperin


In Memory of Nancy Rathke

Abbas Family Fund

Rose and Sully Bevacqua

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Boys & Girls Club of Bluffton

Angela Cataldi

Jane Caughey

John Charland

Barbara DeMilio

Elizabeth Galloway

Rita Eygabroad Garretson

Marisa Geitner

Ruth and Lyle Hageman

Carolyn Hoefen

Virginia and Adolf Irmer

Kelly Hutchins and Jim Kelley

John Kralles

Nicholas LaMendola

Robert Linder

Leigh and Ron Little

Kate and Doug Lyon

Judy and Ron Maile

Marisa Geitner

Ellyn and Fredric Neary

Joyce and Richard Pagano

Sue Pagano

Joan and Jim Parker

Carol and Larry Perrin

Dianne and Phil Piccirilli

Marie and Bob Pieters

Florence Portoghese

Bob Rathke

Bev and Robert Stokes

Linda Warner

Mary Ellen Weber

Janice and Roger Wise

Mary and Robert Wygal

Nancy and Mark Zawacki


In Memory of Jimmy Sassenhausen

Barbara Stewart


In Memory of John Schlafer

Drew Bielemeier

Joanne Case-Green

Marilyn Curtis

Leigh and Ron Little

Jane and David Loughborough

Carol and Bob Markham

Louise and Joe Summers


In Memory of Justin Schott

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Carole Ann and Charles Collard

Mary Dietz and Family

Jane Fiedler

Patrice, Bill Anne, William, Rose and Robert Freeman

Marisa Geitner

Grace Chapel of Lockport

Betty and Don Guenther

Suzanne Ioannone

Carol, Don and Eric Johnson

Michelle Labossiere-Hall and Scott Hall

Barbara Mazikowski

Margaret and Dennis McManus

Margherita and Eugene Nenni

Joan and Jim Parker

Linda and David Schott

Wendy and David Zvijac

Nancy and Mark Zawacki


In Memory of Donald Schuler Sr.

Claudia and Joe Campanella


In Memory of Deborah Scott

Alice and John Gucker


In Memory of Christopher Shea

Kathryn Cherrington


In Memory of Robert Sloane

June and Ed Borkhuis

Sharon and Richard Sloane


In Memory of Gladys Smithers

Gail and Tom Smithers


In Memory of Charles Storrs

Bette Bond

Maurine and George Brown

Carole Ann and Charles Collard

Norman Grauerholz

Matthew Hansen

Jill Milby

Dianne Pearce

William Peek

Nancy Repich

Eric Slack


In Memory Of Jean and Charles Stratton

Amelia Stratton-Smith


In Memory of Sandra Tambe

Gail and William Thomann


In Memory of Marge and Chuck Taylor

Cherilyn Eckley


In Memory of Augie Tantalo

Sarah Goodman


In Memory of Adrian VandenBerg

JoAnne Frelier and Jim Wassenaar

Martha Hansen

Grace and Jan Nienhuis

Shirley VandenBerg


In Memory of Shirley Voight

Dr. Tom Messe


In Memory of Jeannette Wahl

Elaine Tantalo


In Memory of Teresa Weber

Lois and Vincent Alfieri

Jennison and Drew Bielemeier

Maria Carrone and Gabriella Rood

Angela Cataldi

Colleen Duffy and Mary Patterson

Neva French

Marisa Geitner

Adelaide Goldman

The Heaton-Haight Family

Ginny and Bill Hogan

Nancy Holzerland and Kathleen Digiore

Jean Ivanuska

Flower and Jim Leo

Joan and Jim Parker

Marie and Bob Pieters

RoseAnn and Maria Rosica

Nancy and Mark Zawacki


In Memory of Fran, Howard and Sandy Wissick

Howard McGinn


In Memory of Lois Wolf

Douglas Wolf


In Memory of Gene Zimmer

Kathryn Cherrington









In Honor of Maxwell Andreas

 Julie Andreas


In Honor of Walt Baur

Cheryl Pratt


In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Walt Baur

Cheryl Pratt


In Honor of Robert Bonferraro

Cara Lynch and Randy Bonferraro


In Honor of Devon Booker

Donyelle Booker


In Honor of Christine and Norman Bruinsma

Judith and Jeff Bruinsma


In Honor of Barb Cacia’s Retirement

Paula Harris


In Honor of Juan Carlos Rivera

Michele Rivera


In Honor of Donna and Ted Colebeck’s Wedding Anniversary

Donna and Ted Colebeck


In Honor of Susan Cronmiller

Remy Cholhan


In Honor of Mary Kate Curran

Kathleen and Thomas Curran


In Honor of Peter Devello

Susanelizabeth Ward


In Honor of Amanda DiCarlo

Dawn DiCarlo


In Honor of Jennifer DiJames

Ann and Norman Francavilla


In Honor of Matthew Ford

Pauline Fitzpatrick


In Honor of Anne Freeman

Patrice, Bill, Robert, William and Rose Freeman

In Honor of Marisa Geitner

Julianne and Charles Hoffman


In Honor of Vicki Hanson

Vicki Phillis


In Honor of Libbie Hard

Deborah Hard

Martha Hard-Batzloff


In Honor of Drew Hoselton

Bob Zogas


In Honor of Kathleen Kaveny’s Birthday

Karen Collins


In Honor of Diane Kroubalkian

Mary Ellen Britt


In Honor of Jennifer Lacey

Cheryl Pratt


In Honor of Norma McLernon and the South Winton Friendship Group

Barbara and David Durfee


In Honor of Linda and Jim Merring

Elaine Tantalo


In Honor of Ann Meyer

Jane and Bob Moore


In Honor of Charissa Moll

Jane and Bob Moore


In Honor of Michael Mueller

Eric Mueller


In Honor of Laura Nenno

Shirley Meston


In Honor of Alan Nicholas

Deborah and Stephen Nicholas


In Honor of Carrie Nicholson

Jeanne and Tom Myers



In Honor of Elaine O’Neill

Pat and Bill O’Neill


In Honor of Onni Peck

Margarita and Francis Abbey


In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pratt

Cheryl Pratt


In Honor of Jenny Reitz

Marcia Ann and Bruce Reitz


In Honor of Jamie Rhinehart

Risa and Doug Keene

Denise Reiner


In Honor of Emily Richardson

Jane and Bob Moore


In Honor of Mickey Ritzenthaler

Margarita and Francis Abbey


In Honor of Vincent Santino

William Santino


In Honor of Maureen and Dick Schulze

Laura and Billy Yandow


In Honor of Mitchell Spiegel

Nancy and Rich Parker


In Honor of Kyle Stern

Marilyn Hiwiller


In Honor of Nancy Tantalo

Margarita and Francis Abbey

Sarah Goodman


In Honor of Elaine Tantalo’s Birthday

Sarah Goodman


In Honor of Tonka at Heritage Christian Stables

Barbara Kasulaitis


In Honor of James Walters

Megan Meyer


In Honor of Anne and Mike Wolf

Dr. and Mrs. Allan Lepine



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NOVEMBER 2019 – APRIL 2020


Jim Chambery, one of the founders of Heritage Christian Services, also passed away in November. He was known for his love of God and his commitment to his community. He was 85.







Mary Catherine “Kate” Colebeck passed away in November. She had a dynamic personality and loved birthday celebrations. She was 55 years old.








Paul DeSarra, a Heritage Christian Services board member, passed away in November at 45 years old. He was a loving husband and father who will remembered for leaving a positive impression on the people he encountered.







Alice Opett passed away in January at 62 years old. She had a loving spirit and could put a smile on anyone’s face.







Angel Thompson passed away in April. She was 39 and loved nature, laughter and making other people happy. If you ever received one of her legendary bear hugs, then you received genuine love.







Eugene Schneider passed away in April at the age of 73. He was a gentleman and advocate whose sense of humor was unparalleled.


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