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Dear Friends,

It is a blessing to reach the milestone of 35 years, and it is an honor to carry on mission-centered work. Reflecting on how we will propel Heritage Christian Services the next few decades, I have especially been thinking about the people who work steadfastly for our mission.

In our workforce we continue to see how personal barriers force many of our best staff members to leave jobs they love. How is Heritage Christian Services helping them to stay?

With our staff and their families in mind, this year we introduced a success coach. A success coach  is a resource that assists our workforce in navigating barriers that might otherwise interfere with successful employment, helping employees be their best while supporting people. In addition, we are enriching more traditional employee assistance benefits like counseling, financial wellness services and concierge services.

Along with the success coach, we have taken this anniversary edition to highlight how people like former employees, Aaron Metras and Jane Kitchenman, continue to stay connected and encourage others. And we applaud our award winners Rabecca Ortiz and Lakeaya Hartzog who make sure people in their care achieve what matters most in their lives.

Looking forward, we are striving daily to be an example of an inclusive caring support partner.  Continuing the good work that began so many years ago. We seek to validate and amplify the unmet needs of those within our community.

Thank you for joining us to ensure all are treated with dignity, respect and entitlement to expression which all deserve. Your support is critical to our success.


Marisa Geitner, President & C.E.O.

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Across three and a half decades, people have joined Heritage Christian Services by the thousands, accepting services or choosing to working here. No matter how long they stay involved, it’s common for people to hold HCS in their hearts. Here are three stories…

Laurie Otto loves to show off her room in her home on Clover Street in Brighton. The shrine of art and pictures spread across her walls gives glimpses into her personality and her experiences. It’s one of two Heritage Christian homes where she has lived since she was 25, and she can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Otto’s mother, Gail, remembers a time when people like her daughter didn’t have a choice of where or even how they could live. Believing in a different outcome for her daughter, she and her husband Bob, joined the Bruinsmas and Pieters to form Heritage Christian Home. A decision that has positively impacted and enriched Otto’s quality of life and independence.

Today, Otto is a self-advocate who loves baking and using her iPad to draw. She has developed long-lasting friendships, goes on trips, and lives a meaningful life completely full of choice. Otto’s life is an example of a 35-year-old dream that has come to fruition. That dream has enriched the lives of thousands of people that have chosen to be supported by Heritage Christian, families and the care professionals working alongside them.

Jane Kitchenman worked for Heritage Christian Services as a nurse for over two decades until 2010, when an injury contributed to her decision to retire. At the time, 75-year-old Kitchenman had a difficult transition leaving the job and the people she loved who had become her second family.  Her faith helped her see how she can serve HCS in other ways. “One day the Lord stopped me and said, ‘You encourage those who carry on,’” said Kitchenman.  It’s been nine years since she retired, and at 84, she is answering the call by serving as an honorary ambassador for the mission of Heritage Christian Services.

Kitchenman remains in touch weekly with her former colleagues and the many people that were in her care. With kind words and greeting cards she’s constantly encouraging others to continue the good work that they do. She attends every agency event that she can. She also creates a scrapbook of mission-centered highlights each year to share with staff members and other visitors to HCS, always working to inspire others to keep up the good work and to carry on.

Kitchenman said she shows gratitude to Heritage Christian because the organization has done so much for her. “It prepared me for where I am now,” says Kitchenman who admits she almost didn’t take the job she credits for changing her life.

Like Jane Kitchenman, Aaron Metras credits his experience working in direct support with Heritage Christian Services for helping him to be the father and business owner he is today. “If you approach it right, it is the most fun job you can ever have,” said Metras

The now restaurateur, started at the Tonawanda Creek home in North Tonawanda nearly two decades ago where he developed a close friendship with some of the men that he supported there, including Dan and Brandon Toellner and Tom Barraclough.

After leaving Heritage Christian in 2007, he moved out of state and worked for similar organizations in Arizona. Metras says that the culture of relationships and creating a shared experience is unique to Heritage Christian Services and one that he hasn’t encountered working anywhere else.

When he and his wife moved to Rochester to open their business, Metras wanted to reconnect with his friends Dan, Brandon, Tom, and a new friend,  Joe, as well.

He reached out to his partners at the Seneca Park Zoo and The Strong National Museum of Play and organized a behind the scenes experience for his friends. They traveled to Rochester and together they enjoyed a full day with animals, food, inside jokes, and lots of laughter.

“It was so cool that they remembered me. It was like no time has passed,” said, Metras who hadn’t seen his friends for nearly 10 years. Metras says that Heritage Christian Services taught him about appreciating the value in everyone, and he continues to carry that mission with his own employees.

The agency’s inception 35 years ago has given hope for families and the thousands of employees that have learned, matured and grown alongside them. The people at the center are people who chose HCS to support them in living with dignity and the freedom of choice. They are the people responsible for significantly impacting and changing lives, and are the inspiration for those continuing to create meaningful experiences.


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This past spring, Heritage Christian Services launched the Employer Resource Network (ERN) and introduced the first success coach in Rochester. The ERN is a national consortium with a local network of corporations and non-profit providers that is administered by HCS. It offers a collective sharing of resources for employers that want more than the standard assistance and counseling programs for their workforces.

Part of ERN is the belief that no one’s job should be at risk when dealing with important personal barriers such as housing, lack of childcare, or caring for an elderly parent. Life happens, and when it does ERN can offer a success coach to be an onsite resource for employees dealing with problems that weigh heavy on their hearts.

“We want to retain employees and tackle life concerns, so we can all be successful in our supporting roles,” said Chanel Terrell, the new success coach. Terrell says her goal is to make sure that staff from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds and employment statuses receive full support. In addition to housing and family care, Terrell will connect employees to community organizations offering services in training, education, health, and financial wellness.

Longtime HCS employee Marianne Durrant is leading ERN-Rochester as director of network development. She has already begun onboarding the first class of organizations signed up to bring this unique benefit to their workforce.

Several more companies are waiting to join the ERN. Soon, a second success coach will be hired. There are plans to bring the program to Buffalo next year.

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Anne wolf and Jobina Bruinsma awards

The agency honored Rabecca Ortiz and Lakeaya Hartzog with its top awards: The Anne Wolf Memorial Award and the Jobina Bruinsma Memorial Award. Both were recognized for Christian compassion and outstanding advocacy.

Ortiz has worked at HCS for 15 years, most recently as a senior direct support professional, and is known for providing excellent behind-the-scenes support for the people that she works with.

Hartzog has served HCS for 13 years first as a direct support professional before becoming a registered nurse. She is known for being an exceptional advocate.





community partner awards

In Buffalo, Ashley Rowe accepted the Community Partner Award on behalf of WKBW-TV Channel 7, in recognition of their dedication to making sure that people aren’t overlooked or forgotten in the media, and how they work to make the community better.

In Rochester, Scott Lefebre accepted the Community Partner award on behalf of  Seneca Financial Advisor LLC. Seneca Financial has supported HCS’ mission through their volunteer efforts and is an example example of how continuing partnerships can improve.





WNY’s Healthiest Employers

Heritage Christian Services was one of 100 finalists named for Business First’s WNY’s Healthiest Employers. Finalists were chosen based on their commitment to wellness initiatives.





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Every year, volunteers connected to Heritage Christian Services visit Guatemala as part of the agency’s International Ministries program. In August, a team of 10 people provided over 50 wheelchairs to people in need, rebuilt the homes of two families, and brought food, clothes, shoes and school supplies to local citizens.

“This was my 13th time going and the biggest thrill is seeing how this trip impacts team members. They all say its life changing and I get to watch that in them,” said Lida Merrill, director of faith community inclusion. “That’s what empowers me to keep going. Seeing how it transforms the team’s lives and the people we’re supporting is powerful.”

Funds for the International Ministries program come from A Second Thought Resale Shop, a thrift store run by the agency in East Rochester. In addition, financial and in-kind donations are collected year-round such as wheelchairs that can be refurbished, school supplies, clothes, boots, and medical supplies. Another team travelled in November to bring together people with disabilities for prayers and friendship, plus provide health exams and distribute wheelchairs.

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Donor Spotlight


When Drew and Riley Hoselton first heard about the opportunity to purchase a new therapeutic horse for Heritage Christian Stables, they immediately knew it was something they wanted to be a part of. Riley grew up around horses and understands firsthand the impact horses have on people’s lives. Seeing and hearing how the horses have positively affected so many people, they saw it as a blessing to bring Aria – a  Norwegian fjord – to the stables. Drew and Riley said that everyone has the ability to decide how to invest their lives outside of their work and family commitments – and that it’s important to make that investment count. “Being able to work and partner with HCS has proven most meaningful to us,“ Drew said.

The Hoseltons have enjoyed being part of Heritage Christian Services over the years because they have witnessed the incredible standards of service at HCS, and also the effort that is put into caring for the employees. The Hoseltons call that a “difference maker.”

Watch a video on Heritage Christian Stables. 

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Volunteer Spotlight


If you’ve been to the Heritage Christian Services regional office, there’s a good chance you’ve been greeted with a smile and positive attitude from Crystal Schultz, a volunteer in the Buffalo area who has shown how dedicated she is through her reliable service. Her journey to volunteer began a few years ago and has remained steady since. Her volunteering encompasses everything from compiling employee handbooks and creating packets to helping supplement the interview process of potential employees.

Along with volunteering at the office, she is one of the first to jump in and support special events. For the Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser she helps transport the auction baskets, assists in setup and is willing to do what she can to make it a success. She also enjoys greeting guests as they arrive at the Family Dinner each year.

This coming holiday season, if you call the Goodrich Bakery to order some goodies, you just might hear Crystal’s voice on the other end. She effortlessly takes orders and assists in the bakery to make sure they go out on time. Thank you to Crystal for her enthusiasm, commitment and hard work.

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Balcony Point at Springdale farm

Springdale Farm has expanded rental opportunities at Balcony Point, its visitor center, which now hosts special events and conferences. In addition to a new name and some upgrades, Balcony Point now welcomes corporate rentals, weddings and special occasions. Laura Rivera, the sales manager, shared, “It has been my pleasure to be a part of the revitalization efforts that highlight our excellent value, lovely amenities and great customer service for our guests. It’s a great feeling that efforts and proceeds from these rentals are going to toward the greater good of our community for many years to come.”



Regional Office on the move

In January, the Heritage Christian Services regional office will move from Commerce Court in North Tonawanda to 130 John Muir Drive in Amherst. The new office is more centrally located, is on a public transportation line, and will accommodate a growing number of employees. Families, partners and friends will be invited to tour the facility during an open house next year. The new office space is managed by Uniland Development Company, one of the largest developers of commercial real estate in the Buffalo area, and an organization with its history rooted in the western New York community.



fun for all at reunion week

People came together at Rotary Sunshine Camp in August for Reunion Week to renew old friendships and create new ones. Aimee Reinhardt said, “The best part about camp is being there with friends, family, camp counselors and staff we love. Being there is a big joy and I call it my home away from home.” Diane Sturmer, faith community inclusion specialist looks forward to the week each year. “This was my 31st year gathering ideas from everyone and putting together the activity schedule. I love camp.”


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The Heritage Christian Services Foundation is grateful for the generous support of the following sponsors for our fundraising events.

Finger Lakes Extravaganza

Save the date: Saturday, April 25, 2020

Thanks to The Joseph and Irene Skalny Charitable Trust





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Support from the Alstom Signaling Foundation and Autism Speaks will allow Heritage Christian to provide scholarships for therapeutic horseback riding at Heritage Christian Stables.

The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo administered a grant from the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Legacy Funds that will educate the workforce of Heritage Christian in safety science.

Support from the Children’s Guild Foundation will help to increase awareness and education about disabilities in classrooms across western New York.

A gift from the Ames-Amzalak Memorial Trust will allow staff members to attend Dale Carnegie leadership training.

Thanks to support from the Chapel at CrossPoint and the Fred and Floy Willmott Foundation, our Faith Community Inclusion team will offer programming that celebrates spirituality, both locally and through mission trips to Guatemala.

Heritage Christian will be able to purchase state-of-the-art medication distribution technology for our homes, thanks to support from the Grainger Foundation.

KeyBank Foundation funded strategies to recruit and develop workforce talent.

Support from the William and Sheila Konar Foundation will provide field trip scholarships to students and increase education about the importance of dairy farming in New York state.

Thanks to a grant from the McClain Foundation, HCS will be able to purchase technology to assist people with their mobility.

In 2019, the Hoselton Foundation awarded $18,500 to HCS in support of Dale Carnegie Leadership Training, an invaluable initiative that strengthens our workforce and gives them the tools they need to build meaningful careers with our agency.

We are grateful for the $37,000 donation by the Walter Hubbell Employment Services Fund and the Rochester Red Wings who support our Employment Alliance and job opportunities for people with disabilities.



Marie and Bob Pieters (middle) gave staff members the Pieters Family Award of Excellence for their heartfelt dedication to the people they serve. Congratulations to Andrew Miltsch, Nelson Torres, Sherry Gricar and Emma Lange.







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Michael Arengi passed away in September. He had a bright smile and humorous personality. Mike was 58.




Thomas “Tommy” Guinta passed away in April. He loved the weather and spending time with his friends and family. He was 55.




Patricia “Patty” Hogan passed away in June. At the age of 73, her life was full of love and she was known to shine like the custom gems she made and wore.




Deborah Scott passed away in October. At the age of 21, she was known for her determination and positive spirit, always believing in good things to come.




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Memorials & Honorariums


Often people will make a donation in memory of a loved one who has passed away. The agency sends the bereaved family a note of sympathy and informs them of the gift, without disclosing the amount. People also mark joyous occasions – like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings – by donating in honor of a friend or family member. Sue Hoh, donor relations manager, can help you through the process. She can be reached at (585) 340-2045.


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