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Schedule Respite

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Note: Our Respite programs may not be able to meet all skilled nursing and behavior support needs. Each application is reviewed by the program’s registered nurse and director to ensure that the person’s needs can be met safely by the staff.

Scheduling Respite Dates

Respite dates may be requested at any time by a family member or care coordinator. E-mailed requests are preferred. Dates can’t be confirmed more than three months in advance. Dates are not scheduled on a first come, first served basis. The manager must take into consideration the number of requests for each month, frequency of respite visits, guest compatibility and supervision requirements for each guest.

We understand that, at times, travel plans (purchase of airline tickets, hotel accommodations, etc.) need to be made more than three months in advance. Please let us know if you are requesting respite dates for a trip or special occasion as we may be able to confirm dates outside of the three month window if the dates are available.

Our goal is to serve as many different guests and families as possible each month, as well as to allow new families to begin to utilize the service within a reasonable amount of time.

If a family member is scheduling or requesting dates, it is the family member’s responsibility to inform the care coordinator of respite dates and to arrange transportation to/from the respite house. Individuals may not stay more than 30 consecutive days or 42 total days within a calendar year without prior written approval from the FLDDSO.