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Welcoming, Engaging and Including: Seeking Higher Ground

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As it is stated within the mission of Heritage Christian Services- We seek to provide “support and respect for each individuals gifts, strengths and needs; opportunity to mature, to learn and to grow; a life of dignity, worth and expression to which all are entitled as God’s created children.”

As we celebrate our 35th year of support to the community, we continue to challenge ourselves to live out our mission; to understand the collective impact of a culture that seeks to ensure dignity, worth and expression for all.

Today we see that lived out as a culture that supports a climate of individual wellbeing, healthy relationships and sincere appreciation for our unique contribution.

As we grow in this very important work, we seek to provide an experience that not only embraces diversity, but excels at including the contributions of all, as we work for common purpose.  Seeking to strengthen our outcome through the diverse background, ability, race, culture, gender and preferences we bring.

We believe that the collective impact on the people, culture and climate surrounding Heritage Christian Services will cascade and drive business improvement, customer engagement, program and service development and the overall financial health of the organization.  This right-driven work will drive a healthy, relevant business and community advancement.

As we begin 2019 we stand ready to secure higher ground for those whose voice has not yet been heard. We will further the climate of authentic inclusion within a community rich with diversity.  A journey that promises not only a powerful outcome but healing and repair along the way.

We look forward to learning and growing together.