Health Home Care Management is free to Medicaid recipients. Our care management team will assist you to determine if your child is eligible according to the following Medicaid/Department of Health standards:

• A recipient of Medicaid;
• Reside in a county served by Heritage Christian Services and the health homes that Heritage Christian Services contracts with;
• Meet the Department of Health criteria of:
         a. Two chronic conditions; or
         b. HIV/AIDS; or
         c. Complex trauma; or
         d. Serious emotional disturbance;
• Have behavioral, medical or social risk factors that make the child appropriate for care management services;
• Be under the age of 21;
• Not be receiving active case management from another source (i.e. OPWDD).


When you choose Heritage Christian Services as your care management agency, you will receive the highest quality support backed by years of experience and a growing community network. Care managers at Heritage Christian Services often exceed the state minimum requirements for education and experience and participate in ongoing professional development.

Your care manager will assist you by:
o Connecting you to needed health care providers;
o Communicating with health care providers, social supports, school, etc.;
o Tracking annual and follow up appointments;
o Assisting with accessing housing supports and referrals to social services;
o Assisting with understanding medications and taking them as prescribed;
o Attending appointments to ensure the participant understands the doctor’s orders;
o Putting together a care plan, emergency plan, and safety plan to help manage needs